Preparing to live “The Dream”

nAlmost every journalist-hopeful I know has the same idea in mind: pack up and leave for New York City with practically no money. Living will be no issue since obviously they’ll land the job of their dreams or settle for their second dream job in about two or three weeks. With the city being so big, and […]

Why we need more people like Ryan O’Shaughnessy

In early March, a shy teenage songwriter walked onto the stage of Britain’s Got Talent and sang to his best friend who he has liked for six years. Six whole years. Although he wasn’t brave enough to name her publicly, Ryan O’Shaughnessy put his heart on the line as he told the judges “she’ll definitely know” it […]

Keeping Hope Alive, After Amendment One

I cheated a little bit. I originally wrote this for Equally Wed Magazine, but I wanted it to be my first ever blog post. The first time I voted, it was on North Carolina’s Amendment One bill. I voted a week early, surrounded by equal rights activists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel […]