Why have New Yorkers never heard of Chacos?

I had my first taste of NYC last night and today… and I’m still not completely over the experience. I’ve been so overstimulated that I’m only now starting to unwind, and I’ve been out of the city for hours at this point. I know a lot of people have been to NYC- it’s not quite as exotic as Asia or Africa or Europe where some of my friends are this summer, so I won’t go into painstaking detail about my trip. But I will touch on a few things about my journey, and from the very start, it was quite the introduction.

This is on the New Jersey Transit

First of all, I had to take a train into the city from Jersey. Once I got my ticket, I ran onto the awaiting train that was pulling in as I purchased my ticket. I felt so lucky that I didn’t have to wait! After a moment on the train catching my breath, I asked the lady next to me if the train was headed to Penn Station in NYC. I knew I was on the right line, but I just wanted that extra bit of security. She matter-of-factly told me that this train was heading in the opposite direction. One second after her response, the doors to the train started to close. Of course. I panicked. I leaped out of my seat towards the closing doors and pretending they were like elevator doors, I grabbed them and pulled them open to get off the train. Then, I saw the train I needed on the opposite side of the track. I dashed up three flights of starts, ran across the station, and scrambled down the steps to the platform. As I ran down the walkway to get to the train, all the doors closed and the breaks released. I continued to run and saw a figure up the way wave at me. I guess it was the conductor because just then, right ahead of me, one door opened. No sooner had I jumped on then the train lurched forward. Allie- 1, NJ- 0. After I was on, the train ride was fine, except that there was no one in my car. Strange considering how busy I assumed this area would be.

After my rather movie-like entrance to the city, I met up with my two good friends Amy and Carl. Carl grew up in New York, so he took us to Times Square and some touristy places like that. It was incredible, but it felt like deja-vu. I guess because I have seen Times Square so many times in movies and on New Years it was like I was somewhere I had been before. Anyways, after walking around a bit and grabbing dinner (pizza of course!) in midtown, we took the subway to Wall Street.

On the subway. Go public transportation!

This whole time I couldn’t stop smiling and staring. I’m glad I wore my Chacos because we did a ton of walking. I’m surprised that people in NY have never really heard of them- they are so supportive! When we got to Wall Street, we met up with some of Carl’s friends who live on Wall Street (two doors down from the original Tiffany’s and a block away from the NY Stock Exchange). It was surreal. We went on the roof and looked at the skyline at night, which was absolutely beautiful. I ended up staying the night, and this morning after awaking to a window that only revealed more buildings instead of the blue sky, I grabbed a NY Bagel, hit the city for a bit, and went back to NJ to officially move into my room.

I’m all unpacked and settled in now. I begin work tomorrow and I’m super excited about it! Time to put my writing and editing skills to the test.


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