My Adele rant: Someone Like You is not that sweet of a song

Unless you have literally been underneath a rock this past year, you’ve heard of Adele. Rolling in the Deep, Someone Like You, Rumor Has It, Set Fire to the Rain and Turing Tables are all hits on the radio. Adele took the music industry by storm with her 21 album, giving the world 11 incredibly moving breakup songs. I’m definitely a huge Adele fan, but I think I’m one of the few that think Someone Like You is kind of a messed up song.

It is strikingly clear through the verses of the song that Adele put her heart on the line to write it, channeling her sadness, fear and fondness of her past relationship. And the verses are truly beautiful and starkly relatable. Everyone can relate to “I couldn’t stay away, I couldn’t fight it,” or “Guess she gave you things I didn’t give to you.” But the chorus is where she falls short. In the first line, in fact: “Never mind, I’ll find someone like you.”

Taking the bittersweet romance out of the song, that statement is pretty strange. First, I’ll speak from the point of view of the ‘someone like you.’ I would absolutely hate for a guy to fall in love with me because I was like his ex-girlfriend. Mr. Boyfriend would never see me for me, he would just be seeing me as an altered version of her. It would also be inherently unfair to me to fall in love with him. The confines of the shadow I would be living in would be impossible to escape; I would always be either better or worse than her in whatever comparison category presented itself. Call me vain, but I want to be seen and appreciated for myself on my own. I don’t ever want to be the ‘someone like you.’

Plus, I don’t understand why Adele would want to look for someone like her ex. If one of my relationships ended as terribly as hers did, I probably wouldn’t want to ever be around someone like him again. Someone Like You misses the beauty of an ended relationship; the fact that she does get to find someone who is not like him. Someone who won’t take her for granted and won’t smash her heart so badly that she needs to write a whole album to get over him.

Adele was only 20/21 in that relationship (she’s 24 now). She was my age. And she only dated that guy for one year… a lot shorter than I expected; she writes and sings as if she got out of a lifelong relationship. I can’t really hate on Adele too much though. She is incredibly talented, and her breakup music is much better than songs like Part of Me by Katy Perry. But I do hope that Simon Konecki (Adele’s new boyfriend) is not like her ex, Alex Sturrock, and that Adele never actually follows her own advice in Someone Like You.


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