Saving the best for last

My sister came up this past weekend to celebrate her 17th birthday. With five days in the city, the possibilities are endless. I was so excited to host her, not only because she was company, but also because she had never been to the city before. Being a vet of the city, I was excited […]

The definition of myself

Who am I? Alyssandra Barnes is a very complex set of emotions and reactions, much like everyone else in the world. The question “Who am I” is difficult to answer, but I’m come to conclusion that it’s actually an impossible question. I’ve been thinking about this lately because I had the privilege of hanging out with […]

The beauty of Jersey: Princeton

Yesterday I took an evening trip to Princeton, which is only about an hour away. I had never been there before. In fact, when I applied for colleges, I only applied to two universities and didn’t go on any college visits, so I haven’t seen that many campuses in general. Princeton University was absolutely completely […]