Too much technology: when inanimate objects get mad

While reading my bi-weekly dose of BBC News, I came across an unusual article. A building in Paris has been wired to have “feelings.” According to the article, this artistic exhibition displayed in a old opera house is rigged with 19 computers to simulate the five senses, giving the building a particular mood that is […]

Remember, these are hallowed grounds

Quiet arguably, Arlington is one of the most recognizable moments of the United States. Everyone is familiar with the thousands of simple, white gravestones, remembering those who served and died protecting American ideals. Although I’ve been to D.C. a few times before, I finally made it to Arlington a couple of days ago.¬†Greeting guests at […]

Touche NYC, touche

Tomorrow I am departing from the Garden state and heading back to the Land of the Pines. My final weekend has been great! Yesterday I went to a Phillies game in Philadelphia with a UNC friend, Brian, and some of his hometown friends. Being at a baseball game is a lot more fun than watching […]

So many lasts

This week has been filled with “lasts.” Tuesday kicked off my last week at the office. A “It’s so Miami” pool party event in Union Square on Tuesday marked on my last city event for Travel Weekly. Yesterday was the last full dinner I would have in Elizabeth. I submitted my last blog post yesterday. […]