So many lasts

This week has been filled with “lasts.” Tuesday kicked off my last week at the office. A “It’s so Miami” pool party event in Union Square on Tuesday marked on my last city event for Travel Weekly. Yesterday was the last full dinner I would have in Elizabeth. I submitted my last blog post yesterday. And today… today was hardest of all. It was my day as an intern with Travel Weekly.

It’s so Miami pool party at Union Square.

So many demonstrations, like salsa dancing!

It was a great last day. The editor in chief, Arnie Weissmann, took me out to a great Cuban restaurant for lunch. (Just heads up: sugar cane water is way too sweet to be enjoyed.) The editors I spent the most time with, Gerry Bourbeau,Tom Lechleiter, Rebecca Tobin and Rob Fixmer, took me to dinner at The Bonefish Grill. We had such a lovely time.

Driving home, and ever since then, I’ve been so sad. Is it really over? Could this summer really have flown by so fast? Will I actually be returning to NC, perhaps never to come back to NYC again? A resounding yes echos in my head. I have so many things to be grateful for: I have traveled internationally, written for both online and print editions of a nation publication and a internationally ranked magazine, and I have learned so much about the industry through all the hands-on experience. Plus, I explored the city on assignments for TW, giving me access to places I would have never known existed otherwise. And that’s just the internship. That doesn’t even brush on all the interesting and fun experiences of New York, Jersey and Pennsylvania on my own time.

I should focus on all the great things that happened, and I will. But right now, I’m terribly crushed. Depressed even. I’ve just finished the most amazing experience of my life- it was even more than I had hoped when I took my first timid steps in the Secaucus office 30 minutes late. So for tonight, I’m going to be sad. And I’m almost happy, because being so sad proves how much TW has meant to me, even if I didn’t always realize it this summer.

Tomorrow, which marks one of my last days in Jersey, will also have some firsts. My first Phillies baseball game. My first trip to the Jersey Shore. My first day as a former TW intern that will take even more steps towards her goal of being an adventure travel journalist.


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