Rainbow Cupcakes

I’m almost always crafting or baking. Not only does it give me a creative outlet, but it also helps me relax and calm down if I’m really stressed. So, since I’m a baking a crafting gal anyways, I decided to add a section of my blog dedicated solely to my creations! Between birthdays, holidays, boredom and the stress of school, I’ll be updating this pretty regularly I would think.

I’m starting off with one of the most simple and fun recipes I know: rainbow cupcakes (inspired by Disney Family Fun).


White cake mix (and all the necessary ingredients that go along with the instructions)

Frosting (optional)

Food coloring

As many bowls as you would like colors


1. Make the cake batter as you normally would, according to the instructions.

2. Separate the batter into as many different bowls as you would like colors. I used six: red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple. (And yes, my washer and dryer act as counter tops in my kitchen. I link to think of it as efficient!)

3. Add food coloring to each section of cake mix. Make sure to use a separate spoon for each color. There are a lot of coloring combinations, but this is the standard drop-count I use. Don’t freak out if the colors seem too bright- the colors become deeper after baking.

Red: 20 drops of red

Orange: 12 drops of yellow, 4 drops of red

Yellow: 14 drops of yellow

Green: 14 drops of green

Blue: 14 drops of blue

Purple: 9 drops of red, 6 drops of blue

4. At this point you can get really creative with how you want to mix and match you batters. For the rainbow look, layer about a spoonful of each mix into the cupcake tin, starting with purple and ending with red. You’ll probably have to spread the batter with the tip of your spoon to fully cover the layer underneath. (No worries if you can’t- it’s going to turn out cool regardless.)

5. Bake as directed, usually about 20 minutes. Let cool and enjoy!


One thought on “Rainbow Cupcakes

  1. That is one of the coolest baking ideas I have ever seen!!! What a great idea!!! I am totally going to try this out 🙂

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