You can stand under my Umbrella

Break out the galoshes and the ponchos- the wrath of hurricane Sandy will soon be upon most of the East Coast, if it isn’t already. To honor the torrential downpour that many of us will be experiencing, I decided to make a craft post about umbrellas.

I actually made this for a friend this past week, which is perfect timing (yes, I obviously did plan it that way). He’ll stay completely dry this week.

To personalize your umbrella, you only need a few supplies and a few hours. Some parts of the process can be tedious, but the results are totally worth it. Especially with the holidays coming it, you can knock out a gift for that impossible-to-get-a-gift-for friend.

Since you pretty much have a blank canvas, you can do whatever you want. I was inspired by this 2012 Burberry umbrella and this Uncommon Goods umbrella.

2012 Burberry Umbrella

Uncommon Goods Umbrella– SO CLEVER


Umbrella- I used a golf umbrella

Fabric Paint

Paint brush

Water sealant

Scotch tape



1. To make the stripes on the exterior of the umbrella, I measured a two inch stripe around the bottom half of the umbrella. Then I put Scotch tape on the borders to ensure that I would paint a straight line. This tape (or painters tape) won’t adhere very well, so you have to be very careful. But you need to use a tape that won’t adhere very well, otherwise you will leave adhesive residue or may even ruin part of the umbrella fabric. So you’ll just have to be patient and careful.

2. The green stripe looked so good, I decided to put another one on the top half. I didn’t want to do green again because I was running low, so I decided to go with yellow. I was going to do more, but taping the stripe boarders is pretty time-intensive.

3. After the paint is applied (I did two layers), the umbrella has to dry for four hours. Then, simply peel off the tape (which will be easy) and there you have it! Two lovely stripes.

Now for the inside.

4. I painted the inside blue, but that looked pretty flat, so I spiced it up by adding a bit of the green I had left over. Painting the entire inside was time-consuming, but relatively easy since you can use long brush strokes.

5. After I had painted most of the inside, I added a sun. Even though I loved the Uncommon Goods umbrella, I preferred to have a sun to clouds.

That’s me! Hard at work.

6. After that paint dried (again, for at least four hours), I took the umbrella outside and sprayed it with the water sealant. This will prevent the paint from coming off in the rain.

7. The umbrella will need to dry for between three to four hours.

Viola! You have a cute, wonderful umbrella. Thanks to my sister, Rhiannon, for modeling!


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