5 reasons to see Zac Brown Band

What am I doing this weekend, you ask? Only going to see THE BEST BAND. Ever. I’m so excited! Having already seen greats like Bob Dylan, Trans Siberian Orchestra and Red Hot Chili Peppers, I know what it means it see a good show. So, I know that Zac Brown Band has a lot to live up to. Am I worried? No. Why? This band has touched my soul, the inner parts of my heart, and not just any band can do that.

Over the past few years, ZBB has exploded into a national sensation, and the world can’t get enough of the folk/country band from Georgia. They just released their fifth album, Uncaged, and have gotten more critically acclaimed nods than ever. Already having a few Grammys and other awards under their belts, I’m hoping 2013 brings them more popularity than ever.

Check their schedule to see if they are touring in an area near you, and go see them. Still undecided? Here are five good (song) reasons to support this incredible band.

1. Highway 20 Ride

When I first heard this song, I sobbed. Like many others out there, I am a child of divorce. My parents separated when I was seven, and there was a time when my sisters and I traveled three hours (one way) to see my dad on weekends. Although that only lasted through middle school, those long trips and coming to terms with who my parents were individually and what I meant to each of them was hard. I lived with my mom during the week, and this song perfectly expresses what I wished my dad would have said, but never did. I still wish he would. But somehow, this song helped me. Like my mom once said, when someone verbalizes an emotion so beautifully, it’s easier to let go. I believe that.

2. Colder Weather

Do you have a one-that-got-away? The one that you’re convinced would have worked out had it not been for this one thing, or that one time in life? This song smoothly and beautifully tells of the regret and hope on each end of that story. The subtle change from third to first person throughout the song gets me every time. It’s heart wrenching. Relatable. Real.

3. The Wind

On a much more upbeat note, this song is one of ZBB’s best, even though I DETEST this music video. The King of the Hill-esqe animation and story like just doesn’t do it for me. But what does do it for me is the catchy melody and lyrics. It’s just plain fun. It’s one of those songs that’s from the backwoods, from the mountains (lucky me, that’s where I’m from!). It makes you want to get up and dance, and any song like that is a-OK by me.

4. Keep Me in Mind

The great thing about this song is you’re so busy rocking out that you don’t even realize how incredibly sad and vulnerable the lyrics are. This song gets you crying and tapping your toes at the same time while the song progresses- how many songs do you know that can do that? Arguably one of their best qualities, ZBB can make any subject into something pleasurable to listen to, but they still manage to keep it incredibly relatable. I just don’t know how they do it.

5. Toes

“Concrete and cars are their own prison bars, like this life I’m living in.” Possibly some of the best song lyrics I’ve ever heard. This is one of the first songs that made me fall in love with ZBB, and it’s still one of my all-time favorites. Sometimes you do just need to get away from it all to get back yourself, and when that happens to me, this song is #1 on my getaway playlist.

I know it would be pretty much impossible at this point, but since I like playing devil’s advocate, if you STILL are unsure if Zac Brown Band is one of the greatest groups ever, listen to Goodbye In Her Eyes, Knee Deep, Whatever it Is, and As She’s Walking Away. They’re all musical masterpieces.


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