Island Ice Cream

IMG_0902For whatever reason, ice cream is kinda hard to come by on the islands. It’s a toss-up whether restaurants have it for dessert, and most coffee shops don’t have many options outside Push-Pops or other prepackaged ice cream treats. A lot of this has to do with the fact that the St. Thomas Dairy closed down a couple of years ago. However, even when it was up and running, smoothies (or virgin daiquiris) have always been a much more popular icy treat on the islands.

Well, I like smoothies as much as the next person, but I LOVE ice cream. It’s my downfall. Especially if it’s Rocky Road or Mint Chocolate Chip or Orange Chocolate or Cookie Dough or Pistachio or… basically, anything. I’ve found the most luck with finding ice cream places around areas that cater to tourists. Most of them aren’t chains like Marble Slab or Dairy Queen- they’re places that carry tubs of Edy’s or Breyer’s. While I can always buy that at the grocery store, there’s something about getting a cupful and not being tempted to eating the rest of the gallon. Here is a list of some of my favorite ice cream places on the island.

IMG_0901Java and Jackpots

This neat little place is where I frequent most often. It’s in Red Hook, right at the corner of where the Red Hook ferry is (and about two minutes from where I work). They usually have a handful of flavors, although sadly no fun flavors centered around chocolate, except that one time when they had Rocky Road. This little shop also has great homemade pastries and a good breakfast selection. In one half of the store, there are a bunch of slot machines- hence the Jackpots part of the name.

IMG_0340 IMG_0341Udder Delite

Udder Delite is near Magen’s Bay, and as the name suggests, it’s quite tasty! It actually uses local milk and cream to make their ice cream in house, which is a rarity on the island. I believe they were part of the St. Thomas dairy before they closed, so it’s one of the only places on the island remaining that sources locally. Udder Delite is famous for their milkshakes, so of course I had to get a mint chocolate chip one. It was very good, and the people who ran the shack were really nice. Plus, from there it’s only a short walk down the hill to Magen’s Bay, one of the landmark beaches of the island.

Virgin Islands Ice Cream Company

VI Ice Cream Company is located right off of Waterfront, right in the heart of downtown Charlotte Amalie. It has a solid selection of flavors, and they also offer fresh fruit sorbet. I’m not crazy about sorbet, but I got to try a few flavors and they were really good. Sadly, their ingredients aren’t local. They’re actually imported from Miami, which is a longgg way back up the island chain. But, the VI Ice Cream Company isn’t a huge corporation like Ben & Jerry’s or Edy’s, so the ice cream has a more homemade taste to it.

Like I said, there’s not that many places to go on the island for some ice cream, but if you like Island Oasis smoothies, you’ll be in heaven.


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