Moving On and Moving Out

There is a reason I haven’t posted in a few months: I’m no longer in Chile. I very much enjoyed the country, the language and the Latin lifestyle, but I was pretty miserable in my job as an au pair. My host family took advantage of me an no matter how wonderful my travel and […]

The Time Difference

I‘ve been in Chile for three months, and the Chile-United States time difference has changed three times! It’s getting exhausting. Granted, the autumn and spring are the times of the year when the times change the most, so I’m in the clear for a while. Chile and the eastern United States are along the same […]

Birthday Parties a la Chile

Finally! Someone understands my enthusiasm about birthday parties. Or rather, not just someone, but an entire culture. Chileans make an event about just about anything, and birthdays are no exception. While I haven’t been to any adult or teenage birthdays, I’ve been to a least six children’s birthdays in the two and a half months […]

4 unexpected things about Chile

I’ve been in Santiago for about six weeks now, and the culture shock is just now slowly beginning to wear off. I came here knowing Chile was of the wealthiest and most stable countries in South America, but all the same the term “developing country” is a catchall phrase for a lot of different degrees […]

The first September 11th- the Chilean Coup d’etat

Today is September 11th, and needless to say it’s a day of remembrance and respect for the United States. 12 years ago, New York City was attacked by Islamic terrorists and thousands died as hijacked planes crashed into the Twin Towers. This is my first year being outside of the U.S. on this day since […]

Meal time: (An almost) Daily Saga

Eating; it’s a necessity we all have to deal with every day. The U.S. takes a certain pride in formulating the most efficient way of maximizing caloric intake while minimizing the time commitment for mealtimes, hence the almost incomprehensible number of fast food restaurants. With the goal of productivity, always productivity, almost 20% of all […]