One if by Sea: The New Ferries in the Caribbean

Down in the Caribbean, it’s a ferry way of life. The ferries not only provide a fun and easy way to island hop through the U.S. and British islands, but they also provide for many transportation for their livelihood. When I first moved to St. John, I was still working at Molly Molone’s (an Irish […]

It’s Party Time! The break down of J’ouvert and Carnival

Carnival is a big deal in the Caribbean. It’s a party, like Mardi Gras, only it lasts for a whole month. For weeks, there are parades, beauty pageants, food expositions and competitions. Every island on the island chain has their own time to celebrate, so it seems like the party lasts for half the year! […]

Big Yellow Taxi: The Safari

My lifeline. My favorite way to get around. My connection to the rest of the island. The Safari is St. Thomas’ main form of public transportation. The vehicles, which vary both in size and color, are essentially open-air truck beds which have rows of seating in the back. Usually each bench is big enough for […]