Rival Magazine

Rival Magazine is a big part of my life.

Rival is a joint publication between Duke University and the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill that seeks to reinforce and redefine the historic rivalry.

When I arrived at UNC, I was searching for something unique to be a part of, and Rival Magazine caught my eye immediately. A joint publication that looks to redefine and better the school rivalry, I joined the staff in 2010 as a sophomore as the managing editor. My junior and senior years were spent as editor in chief, overseeing the entire magazine. Now that I’ve graduated, I continue my involvement with Rival as a mentor and an alumni columnist.

Below are PDFs of all my articles that have been published for Rival.

Alumni Column, The Q Word

Alumni Column, To Become an Island

Letter from the Editor, Summer 2013Alumni Column, To Become an Island

Q&A: Reggie Bullock

Pregame: Desegregation of UNC Men’s Basketball

Letter from the Editor, Spring 2013

Letter from Editor, Winter 2012

Pregame: Secret Societies at UNC

Letter from Editor, Fall 2012

Letter from Editor, Summer 2012

Letter from Editor, Spring 2012

Letter from Editor, Winter 2011

NCMA makes History with Rembrandt Exhibit, Winter 2011

Letter from Editor, Fall 2011

Top V, Summer 2011

Points and Pounds, April 2011

Top V, February 2011

Technological Advances, December 2010

Here are the 2011-2012 issues where I oversaw the magazine as Editor-in-Chief. The archives of all Rival issues are also available online.

Summer 2013 Publication

Spring 2013 Publication

Winter 2012 Publication

Fall 2012 Publication

Orientation 2012 Publication 

Summer 2012 Publication

Spring 2012 Publication

Winter 2011 Publication

Fall 2011 Publication

Please note that the Fall and Winter Issues are low resolution PDFs. For the Spring Issue, and for all further issues, we have been able to upgrade to high resolution PDFs.


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