Touche NYC, touche

Tomorrow I am departing from the Garden state and heading back to the Land of the Pines. My final weekend has been great! Yesterday I went to a Phillies game in Philadelphia with a UNC friend, Brian, and some of his hometown friends. Being at a baseball game is a lot more fun than watching […]

The beauty of Jersey: Princeton

Yesterday I took an evening trip to Princeton, which is only about an hour away. I had never been there before. In fact, when I applied for colleges, I only applied to two universities and didn’t go on any college visits, so I haven’t seen that many campuses in general. Princeton University was absolutely completely […]

Some things need no words

While staying in New Jersey, I’m living with two (lovely) older women. Maria, who is originally from Puerto Rico, is in her eighties and Irma, somewhere close in age, is originally from Honduras. Needless to say, the main language in this household is Spanish. Maria and Irma both speak English, but they have such strong accents that […]