Touche NYC, touche

Tomorrow I am departing from the Garden state and heading back to the Land of the Pines. My final weekend has been great! Yesterday I went to a Phillies game in Philadelphia with a UNC friend, Brian, and some of his hometown friends. Being at a baseball game is a lot more fun than watching […]

Saving the best for last

My sister came up this past weekend to celebrate her 17th birthday. With five days in the city, the possibilities are endless. I was so excited to host her, not only because she was company, but also because she had never been to the city before. Being a vet of the city, I was excited […]

Missing the forest for the trees

Yesterday evening, I had hands-down the best time I’ve had to date in good ol’ NYC. Like I’ve said in the past, the city is magical, but the consumerism of this city really bothers me. Everything is so expensive, and because there are so many people with outrageous salaries, there is a sense of entitlement. […]