The beauty of Jersey: Princeton

Yesterday I took an evening trip to Princeton, which is only about an hour away. I had never been there before. In fact, when I applied for colleges, I only applied to two universities and didn’t go on any college visits, so I haven’t seen that many campuses in general. Princeton University was absolutely completely […]

Preparing to live “The Dream”

nAlmost every journalist-hopeful I know has the same idea in mind: pack up and leave for New York City with practically no money. Living will be no issue since obviously they’ll land the job of their dreams or settle for their second dream job in about two or three weeks. With the city being so big, and […]

Keeping Hope Alive, After Amendment One

I cheated a little bit. I originally wrote this for Equally Wed Magazine, but I wanted it to be my first ever blog post. The first time I voted, it was on North Carolina’s Amendment One bill. I voted a week early, surrounded by equal rights activists at the University of North Carolina at Chapel […]