It’s Party Time! The break down of J’ouvert and Carnival

Carnival is a big deal in the Caribbean. It’s a party, like Mardi Gras, only it lasts for a whole month. For weeks, there are parades, beauty pageants, food expositions and competitions. Every island on the island chain has their own time to celebrate, so it seems like the party lasts for half the year! […]

Birthday Parties a la Chile

Finally! Someone understands my enthusiasm about birthday parties. Or rather, not just someone, but an entire culture. Chileans make an event about just about anything, and birthdays are no exception. While I haven’t been to any adult or teenage birthdays, I’ve been to a least six children’s birthdays in the two and a half months […]

So many lasts

This week has been filled with “lasts.” Tuesday kicked off my last week at the office. A “It’s so Miami” pool party event in Union Square on Tuesday marked on my last city event for Travel Weekly. Yesterday was the last full dinner I would have in Elizabeth. I submitted my last blog post yesterday. […]