St. Thomas Regional Library

If there’s one thing I’ve always been, it’s a bookworm. I’m always halfway through some kind of book, and lately it’s been hiking autobiographies as I’m prepping to hike the Appalachian Trail. But every now and then, I sneak off to the library when I have a morning off and sit and read something totally […]

Big Yellow Taxi: The Safari

My lifeline. My favorite way to get around. My connection to the rest of the island. The Safari is St. Thomas’ main form of public transportation. The vehicles, which vary both in size and color, are essentially open-air truck beds which have rows of seating in the back. Usually each bench is big enough for […]

Mannerisms in the Islands

The thing about traveling is manners are relative. They’re not standardized, and starting a conversation off on the wrong foot can be extremely problematic. I feel that particularly with traveling, especially when you first arrive at a new place, getting tidbits of advice here and there from strangers is what can make the difference between […]

Reef Bay Trail on St. John

Growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains, I love to hike. When I moved to St. Thomas, all I initially considered was that I would be surrounded by ocean. I totally forgot to consider that all these tiny islands are mountains and I could get my hike on pretty much any time. I’ve done a […]